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apf: command not found

Okay, if you’re getting this error, you’re getting it for one of two reasons. Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) Is Not Installed Type in the following command: $ /etc/apf/apf One of Read the rest of the entry…

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Allow, Deny and Remove with Advanced Policy Firewall (APF)

I noticed a few requests for this, so I’m going to make a quick post about it. There are a few ways of manipulating APF (Advanced Policy Firewall by R-fx Read the rest of the entry…


Emails Not Sending – defer (111): Connection refused (Exim) and SMTP Tweak

I got a phone call today from a client who’s accounts we’d transferred between two cPanel servers on Friday. Today, Monday about 12pm I get a call saying he’s receiving Read the rest of the entry…