HTTP Status Code Drinking Game

I’ve started working with a new sysadmin the last few weeks (hey Dan if he’s reading). Like all sysadmins, they bring a new flavour to the game of work. Dan shared this with me, which I couldn’t help but share with everyone else. Welcome to the status code drinking game! If you’re a techy kind of person, or work in web development, you might get a kick from this.

Some samples for your amusement:

404 Not Found
Last person to make a greeting must drink.

416 Request Entity Too Large
Thats what she said! Everyone drinks.

403 Forbidden
Miss a turn, Must drink double on next turn.

Check out the website for more.

So at your next departmental party, get all the sysadmins  together and try out this status code drinking game! I’m looking forward to it.

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