HTTP Status Code Drinking Game

I’ve started working with a new sysadmin the last few weeks (hey Dan if he’s reading). Like all sysadmins, they bring a new flavour to the game of work. Dan shared this with me, which I couldn’t help but share with everyone else. Welcome to the status code drinking game! If you’re a techy kind of person, or work in web development, you might get a kick from this.

Some samples for your amusement:

404 Not Found
Last person to make a greeting must drink.

416 Request Entity Too Large
Thats what she said! Everyone drinks.

403 Forbidden
Miss a turn, Must drink double on next turn.

Check out the website for more.

So at your next departmental party, get all the sysadmins¬† together and try out this status code drinking game! I’m looking forward to it.

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