Waiting for Azure…

Most sysadmins by now have experienced “the cloud” and all the cost cutting fun that comes with it. My colleagues and I primarily work with Microsoft Azure.

While the Azure portal has improved, we’ve found numerous circumstances where improvement is still needed.

One example, when dealing with a handful of subscriptions attached to the same login account, packed with large number of items – everything slows down on first load. I’m not sure if it’s related, but usually the category you need to get access to immediately is the last to load.

The return times on actions like creating a new storage account can vary from 10 seconds to 3 minutes – not just via the portal but when using Powershell and the Management API.

These and some other painfully slow circumstances,  have resulted in a common phrase emerging around the office: “I’m waiting for Azure”. While waiting for Azure, a colleague and good friend of mine had the time to create the following diagram for laughs. Enjoy.

Time spent waiting for Azure

Time spent waiting for Azure

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