Firefox Google Search Plugin for Australia (AU)

I’m a big user of Firefox. It’s my preferred browser for many reasons, but none more than Internet Explorer just right royally annoys me. I’ve been using a lot more of Windows these days and every new computer or server I login to wants to welcome me to Internet Explorer and setup all my settings! Go Away! I just want to download something real quick!

Back to the point though – Firefox – when you use the Google Search plugin that comes with the default install of Firefox, it goes to some long and unnecessarily complicated URL on the domain. Now I’m Australian, and proud to be. My preferred domain is While the Google SSL search ( is helpful, you lose a lot of the quick access to Image search, time and… just useful search options I’ve come to rely on. Regardless, as users we typically like to use the search for our own country.

Recently in my tinkering with the Firefox config files… I lost my Google Search plugin. I’ve been using the Google SSL search instead (which I strongly dislike) or to type into the address bar – so old school.

I found this profoundly awesome page however which lists the Google Search plugins for nearly every nation/country/language Google has a search page for.

Just to pick a few out, there’s Google Search plugins for:

  • Google Australia (
  • Google AR (
  • Google CA (
  • Google DE (
  • Google FR (
  • and more!

I also want to point out there appears to be a few options to pick from:

  • Google AU – pages from Australia ( by Mycroft Project
  • Google AU – the web ( by Mycroft Project

The “pages from” is like using and selecting to only return results from Australia (or whatever country). However “the web” (my preference) just uses the Google domain to search.

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