Simple IP Information / IP to Location (Country) Lookup

IP Facts

A colleague of mine recently released a new website, which I thought was brilliant enough to blog about. Simply, the website displays IP Facts, without all the crap and ads we normally have to put up with. Simply put sysadmins, it’s simple and gets straight to the point – something hard to come across.

With a little assistance, we also got it to lookup the details of a supplied IP address, which I find helpful when checking abusive IP addresses.

Get your IP Facts –

Linux / SSH Console Commands

Of course if you have a console window open, you can typically get most of this information using a few commands.

Find your server’s interface IP address:


Check what an IP address resolves to:

host iphere

Check what hostname an IP address resolves to:


As for what country an IP belongs to, this isn’t as easy. You can run a whois and see who the IP is owned by, but that isn’t always the correct country for international corporations, but even then that’s no promise you’ll get any information if any:

$ whois
[Redirected to]
Chunghwa Telecom Data Communication Business Group

Netname: HINET-NET

Administrator contact:

Technical contact:

In the case of the above, the IP to Country script comes in handy because the database is build from another source.

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