Help Kill IE6

I was sent an interesting email today containing just the following: ūüėČ

So I took a look and liked what I saw.

As the highly educated and brilliant sysadmin you are, I know that you know that Internet Explorer 6 has reached it’s end of life. Meaning that the developer (Microsoft) is no longer supporting or maintaining the product (code).

It’s dead.¬†Therefore one can now assume that IE6 is both out of date and insecure. Not only that, it lacks the compatibility of newer technologies and support of newer (and older) web standards that today’s web community demands.

What is interesting though is a large percentage of the internet still uses it! I have to admit advantages to IE6 include it is really quick and simple. Plus I don’t get NAGGED by the application to setup/configure the browser with a billion step wizard¬†every time¬†I login to a new workstation!

That aside however, the website attempts to encourage a move from older technology to the new. Being a part of the web community and being a web developer, I think it’s a¬†brilliant way we can all easily participate in the education of users. As the image above demonstrates, a simple prompt appears for users of IE6 when arriving at your website, encouraging them to upgrade. Clicking takes to the Microsoft IE website.¬†Integration¬†into your website or blog is simple – download the provided zip from, upload the files within the zip package, and finish by adding the code in the example.html file to your webpage. If you use WordPress Blog, it’s a simple plug-in install.

I’m in!

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