Honeypot Network Expands

You may recall last month I made a post on internet threats and what some people are doing about it. I choose to get involved by supporting projects such as

I also recently noticed other projects getting behind the data are providing such as ConfigServer Security & Firewall for cPanel to name one – whom have recently extended their free firewall script’s blocklist functionality to easily include and numerous other providers as data sources. is pleased to announce our server donations to have now grown to 11 servers in total with plans to further grow this number. Our servers alone are scattered through Europe, Asia, United States and Australia.

What I love the most about these types of projects is you cannot be blacklisted by mistake. You must be caught “red handed” attacking a honeypot to be added to the blacklist verses heuristics bringing a more “educated guess” system prone to false positives. Of course these types of projects aren’t the solution to all internet threats, but they’ve already got the database with thousands of IP addresses known to be dangerous to your network. Why not use it?

It isn’t difficult to get involved. Remember, we’re talking about tiny and cheap servers here. Sign up for a cheap VPS server with your preferred provider and get in contact with the team at Don’t have a preferred provider, I found some good deals at Low End Box and searched around – deals come and go.

Keep watching, I’ll make some posts into the future on how I use this data and how you can as well.

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