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You may or may not have noticed that we’re now delivering sysadmin’y goodness via HTTPS! You’ll be automatically redirected from HTTP to HTTPS now when visiting us – so no more NSA eavesdropping on you while you browse our site – well, they’ll still spy on you, it’ll just take them longer to see what you’re reading. But then again, we have nothing to hide!

HTTPS Secure Socket LayerI’m not sure about you, but this whole NSA essentially being caught with their pants down thing is rather interesting to me. The NSA lying to congress and the world – even the President of the United States of America lied to his people. The list seems to go on and on. Does any of this make you think more about transparency in government? They’re supposedly there to serve the people, not spy on us right?

Below is a nice convenient list of 10 things we’ve learnt about the surveillance state which I quite enjoyed a read of.

Of course none of this is really surprising; Hollywood has been preparing the world for years now with spy movies. You’ll bourne-ultimatum-movierecall the CIA intercepting the call from Simon Ross containing the phrase “Operation Blackbriar” in the movie Bourne Ultimatum?

But now it’s in the public – how has this changed your attitude towards the United States and the world, and how will it change your thoughts and behaviours while on the internet?

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