What process is locking this file?

I recently had a problem with Microsoft Lync locking my Outlook data file despite exiting Lync. It happened constantly on reboot and locked up my email. It would also lock up the Mail control panel window and I couldn’t rename or move it for debugging purposes.

I used a Windows tool to find it which did exactly what it advertised. It was easy and straightforward to use. It was perfect.

I wanted to share it to hopefully save someone else some time.


  • It has both 32 and 64bit versions
  • The installer is 1.5MB
  • It’s very light weight and doesn’t do anything more than you need it to do
  • The GUI is simply and straightforward
  • Simply right mouse click on the file, click What is locking this file? and there it is.

It does require administrator privileges to work though. But I wouldn’t hesitate to use this on a server if I needed to.

Check out their website. I recommend it. *Adds to bookmarks*

What is locking my file?

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